Tobias Homberger

CEO myClubs - largest sports network in Austria and Switzerland

Tobias Homberger is the founder and CEO of the sports aggregator myClubs. After studying international business administration and political sciences at the University of Vienna, he moved to Sydney to pursue his master’s degree. Back in Austria, Tobias worked as a strategy consultant for a Viennese consultancy. Emerging from his desire for more flexibility and variability within his own sports activities, the idea of a digital sports membership was born and the business myClubs subsequently founded in 2014. myClubs is the biggest sports aggregator in Austria and Switzerland, bundling the offer of 900 crossfit boxes, yoga studios, climbing halls, tennis courts and various other sports activities in just one membership. Workouts are booked via the specially developed myClubs app. Combining a broad range of sports activities with a digital application, myClubs addresses three distinctive markets: end customers, companies and insurances.