Tina Glavanovitz

Marketing & Sales at ms&e trading gmbh/IMPIBAG

Tina – inventor of IMPIBAG – is responsible for Marketing and Sales of IMPIBAG at her mother’s company ms&e trading. Three characteristics describing herself: creative, motivated and passionate. Tina got inspired at an early age, when she watched her mother at work, creating and producing bags and other merchandising items. This initiated her to start with her own drawings and designs. At the age of 16, she discovered the solution to a typical women’s problem, which is caused by the tendency of carrying an oversized bag, filled with unnecessary items, making it impossible to find what you need desperately at that very moment. Finally, Tina managed to persuade her mother of that brilliant idea and both started to work on it. A year later, IMPIBAG was born. A small, fashionable bag allowing to store all the valuable necessities together in an accessible and organized way. Ever since, she has been working side by side with her mother, launching IMPIBAG into the market. On top of that, Tina is studying advertising and digital marketing communications, to improve her creative and professional skills. IMPIBAG is a registered brandname and design of ms&e trading gmbh located in Vienna, with extensive knowledge in running bulk productions for all kinds of bags and other merchandising items for companies in Austria and abroad. These were the fundamentals for Tina to put her idea of IMPIBAG into reality, by benefitting from the know-how and experience of her mother’s company ms&e trading in producing bags.