Stefan Ebner

Founder, Firestarter, Data Rebel, Musician

Always an Entrepreneur & Musician Stefan founded his first company as a university student. He is the founder of Braintribe. Braintribe is helping visionary enterprises & entrepreneurs to transform their businesses and ideas by providing an unique technology and playbook to drive simplicity & speed. Braintribe’s major innovation is TRIBEFIRE. The platform for platforms. Based on CORTEX – THE PATENTED TECHNOLOGY. Reinventing the way new digital platforms are being built. His lifetime motto is “the courage of being different”, Stefan also strives to create a cultural and social impact through many other initiatives, like Tribe.Space (Co-Creation Space) and Tribe.Kids (Entrepreneurial School for Kids).

Braintribe has built the platform for platforms. We exist to enable visionary enterprises & entrepreneurs to build the future. We provide our unique technology & playbook to drive speed & simplicity to empower transformation & growth. Braintribe and its partners build data platform solutions that either support digital transformation or drive new business innovations. The team is growing fast with approximately 100 people around the world, with the HQ based in Vienna, R&D in Belgrade plus other subsidiaries in San Francisco, Sao Paulo, Zurich and Berlin. With a revolutionary technological approach, implementing a scalable organizational model and unfolding an innovative, partner and community driven “Go-To-Market” strategy. Braintribe is on the verge of international expansion and scaling.