Siegfried Wolf

Entrepreneur, Honorary Professor Technical University Graz

Between 2010 and 2018 Siegfried Wolf ( born on October  31, 1957 in Feldbach, Austria) served as the Chairman of the Board of  Russian Machines Corporation as well as Chairman of the Board of OJSC GAZ Group (until Feb. 2019). In these capacities he took strategic responsibility for the companies‘  core business lines of commercial and passenger vehicles, railway transportation and aircraft manufacturing. Wolf continues to be a shareholder in OJSC GAZ. Prior to joining Magna, Mr. Wolf worked as General Manager and Vice President at Hirtenberger AG and as Assistant Director, Quality Control,  at Vereinigte Metallwerke Wien. Siegfried Wolf trained at Philips as a tool and die-maker and continued his professional training up to obtaining an engineering degree. Wolf is Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Sberbank Europe AG and sits on the boards of a number of other leading international  banks and businesses (Banque Eric Sturdza SA, MIBA AG, Continental AG and Schaeffler AG).   In 2002 Siegfried Wolf was awarded the title of Honorary Senator of the Technical University of Vienna and in 2009 the title of Honorary Professor of the Technical University of Graz.