Roman Kreid

QUIPP-Host, Conférencier, Entrepreneur, Entertainer

Roman Kreid is in love with big stages and audiences since he first entered it at the age of 12. His journey as a successful Beatboxer led him all the way to hosting concerts & events, being a TV Warm Upper for plenty big shows and 2018 he finally stepped in front of the camera, hosting the Live-Quiz-App “QUIPP”. Besides his joy of entertaining people in person, he expresses his ideas as a copywriter in his own advertising agency “WORD! VIENNA”. Being an entertainer and entrepreneur at the same time, is all he ever could wish for. He is also very proud to be part of the 4GAMECHANGERS FESTIVAL since day one, and is ready for breaking some rules again!

QUIPP is Austrias first Live-Quiz-App. “Quippers” can win up to 500,- in cash by participating in the daily live-shows monday – friday. The Shows are hosted by the two youngsters Anna Illenberger & Roman Kreid, as well as the grandfather of TV: Peter Rapp. QUIPP, QUIPP; HOORAY!