Paul Japeg

Visionary with a strong interdisciplinary problem-solving approach

Hi, I am Paul, the founder of SHARK-Bike. As a kid I loved to play with LEGO and create new stuff. That was the beginning of becoming a creative engineer. After my Electrical Engineering education (HTL), I studied Technical Project and Process Management and Political Science in Vienna as well as Sustainable Energy Planning and Management in Denmark with a special focus on energy engineering and economics. I am an experienced Consultant with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and services industry. Skilled in energy, sustainability, renewable energy, power plants, climate change, e-mobility, and energy policy with a strong focus on professional consulting. For many years I developed several different projects and ideas. Finally, I decided to change the Game and founded my own startup, the SHARK-Bike.

We are going to change the mobility sector towards a sustainable e-mobility, because we believe in the pioneer’s spirit in all of us. We are combining the advantages of electric cars and bicycles in one product, the SHARK-Bike. The SHARK-Bike is a three-wheeled covered electrical bicycle with two seats and wing doors, which can tilt in a curve. It combines the advantages of electric cars and bicycles in one product.