Norbert Schneider

Austrian musician

Norbert Schneider was born in Vienna and grew up in Prottes in Lower Austria. Spurred on by the music in the Schneider family household, he first studied classical violin as a child. His fascination with the raw energy of blues caused him to reach for the guitar at the age of 15. By intensively listening to the music of this genre, he taught himself the songs of his musical role models. In addition to playing music, he also discovered his second passion during this time period: composing. “Writing my own songs and self-expression are the real reasons why I never stopped playing music after my classical period.” With his voice, which has a range of three octaves, and his semiacoustic Gibson guitar, he bridged the gap between different musical styles such as blues, soul and pop. It’s no wonder that his audience feels like they’re sitting in Bourbon Street in New Orleans during his concerts.