Niklas Luhmann

Nanosensor Scientist at TU Wien

Ever since I started analysing the toxicities of water pipes as part of Jugend Forscht, I have wanted to become a scientist. I studied physics at the University of Konstanz, which gave me the opportunity to write my bachelor thesis in Argentina on a device for monitoring glyphosate ground water contamination. I was then able to learn more about the exciting and groundbreaking potential of using nanotechnology to develop sensors through an internship at the clean room facilities of LMU (Munich University). In 2016, I was able to combine my interdisciplinary interests and join the Micro and Nanosensor group of Prof. Silvan Schmid at TU Wien to complete my Master’s degree. During that time, my research on novel sensor systems and promising results allowed me conferences that inspired me to keep on this track. After taking some time of and spending a year on travelling through Europe and South America, I recently continued to work on a novel sensor for pharmaceutical applications as part of my PhD. I was inspired to present my research on the Vienna’s Science Slam after seeing an exemplary Slam presented by the former German champion in 2016. Thereby, I found myself being passionate about taking an active role in increasing the acceptance of scientific facts and knowledge in today’s society. But when I’m not ranting and raving about the fascinations of nanosenor technology, I love spending my time outside in nature, in particularl on slacklines, and work on my career as DJ.

Placed in the heart of Vienna, the Institute of Sensor and Actuator Systems is fully dedicated to the research on modern sensor technologies. Besides several projects that are in direct cooperation with economy, the institute, as part of the TU Wien, is active in the fundamental research of nanomechanical systems and their ability for sensor applications.