Natalia Corrales-Diez

Fund of Excellence GmbH and Tauros Capital GmbH & CoKG

Natalia is the founder and Managing Director of two investment funds: Fund of Excellence GmbH a retail investment company and Tauros Capital GmbH& CoKG a corporate investment company. Both companies target a very specific market niche and are pioneers in their field. Both companies are solely funded by institutional investors. The Argentinian graduated from Johns Hopkins University and worked in Europe, Asia, Latin America and the USA. During her work at the IMF, UNIDO, Finance Ministry and Inter-American Development Bank she covered different topics from tax reforms, venture capital and project finance to negotiating the biggest debt relief in Latin America. Since 2004 she is lecturing “The macro economics of financial crisis” at the WU- Wien and FH Campus. Further to that she published several articles and a book on economic reforms in German and English.

Fund of Excellence:
Fund of Excellence is the first fund worldwide investing in talents. Founded in 2014, operating in Austria and Czech Republic.
Tauros Capital:
Founded in 2018, one of the biggest SME mezzanine funds in Austria.