Matthias Kandler

is passionate about people at EYA - Digital Solutions with Social Impact

Matthias is the Media & Network Manager of EYA – the European initiative to identify, connect and support young entrepreneurs who, with their digital solutions, improve society. EYA is run in 59 countries including all of Europe and the MENA region and organizes several activities, like Social Hackathons, Design Thinking Forums or Innovation Conferences in various countries throughout the whole year. Looking back on a history of business networking and event management, Matthias has a passion for purpose driven businesses. The former football manager, co-founder of a business college and organizer of the Austrian Social Business Day really loves connecting and promoting changemakers. EYAs has established an European-wide community of purpose driven digital entrepreneurs and awards fifteen outstanding new projects every year at the Winners Festival in November!

Digital technologies are most powerful instruments to tackle social challenges people face every day.
We can make the world a better place.