Mario Kwas

Entrepreneur, Author, Founder & CEO of Businesscollege

Mario Kwas, MA is CEO and Founder of K & D Businesscollege GmbH, publisher and author as well as startup-mentor and lecturer. After more than 20 years in the top-management he decided to found his own company with focus on education for founders, startups and business developers. In addition, he designed a study-programme for this occupational group for the Fachhochschule Wr. Neustadt, where he also completed his studies in business consultancy & business leadership. As a former Motocross and Speedway driver he knows how to be focused on the right time which helped him a lot being an Entrepreneur. Together with Mag. (FH) Alexander Drazdansky, Mario draws power and inspiration from helping people achieving their goals in business and life.

The „K & D Businesscollege“ is an educational institution focussing on providing a revolutionary way of training for startups and business developers. Together with Austrian Standards we have established a certification, which allows our participants to develop their own business case within a 4 months period only. The training thereby not only focusses on achieving the necessary business skills but also on the entrepreneural mindset needed to succeed within a competitive environment.