Manuel Heckmann

Founder, Operations & Growth, Mentor & Investor, Startup Enthusiast

Manuel is co-founders and COO of EcoG. Manuel is a mentor and coach for start-ups and individuals on topics like growth, organisation, investment. He has a strong track record in company building and digitisation, mobility, transportation and venture capital. Before EcoG, Manuel has been responsible for Business Development and Strategy at IVU Traffic Technologies and co-founded the online voting startup POLYAS in Berlin. Prior to that, he has been the managing director and founder of a consulting company in the space of electronic voting and digization of democracies.

EcoG provides the IoT Operating System and Platform for the future of E-Mobility. In analogy to Windows or Android, EcoG is the software powering a EV charger and makes building one as well as integrating them into existing business process as easy as developing an app. EcoG enables the monetization beyond pure power selling.