Kathryn List

Co-Founder and CEO of AVL Cultural Foundation

Kathryn List is dedicated to facilitating a dialogue across art, science and technology. By founding the AVL Cultural Foundation in 2007, she has set a clear statement of the importance of cross-disciplinary dialogue to support fresh thinking and drive innovation. With the Foundation’s focus, she has opened doors for unique experiences and extraordinary encounters between art & science.

In the spirit of the constellation surrounding AVL, the world-leading, independent engineering company for the development, testing and simulation of powertrain systems, with 45 affiliates worldwide, AVL Cultural Foundation understands the power of cross-disciplinary encounter to open people’s minds and make new things happen.

Kathryn List is CEO and Co-Founder of AVL Cultural Foundation, serves on many international Boards and is responsible for corporate and community relations of AVL List GmbH.

The AVL Cultural Foundation is dedicated to supporting activities and projects on the crossroads between art, science and technology. Its goal is to identify the commonalities between technology and industry in relation to art and society, thereby establishing a platform for discourse and exchange.