Jörg Bartussek

Digitalization expert and founder of digital corp. financier, Finnest.com

Joerg Bartussek is the co-founder of Finnest.com, the premier digital corporate financing platform in the German speaking areas. As a holder of two law degrees and after university, Joerg had nothing better to do than to go out and consult global corporations on “eBusiness” (as it was called in the late nineties) for close to a decade. After having accumulated enough frequent traveler miles, he went on to set up eBay.at’s “Trust & Safety” unit and served as T-Mobile’s SVP for B-2-B. In 2014, he co-founded Finnest.com, which has arranged over € 50m in in digital financing so far.


Finnest.com, headquartered in Vienna, is a FinTech company operating in the entire German speaking area, as well as in Slovakia and Croatia. Finnest specializes in financing top-rated mid-size (“Mittelstand”) companies. Led by an experienced banking team, Finnest completed many of the highest funded campaigns of the last years. Finnest was honored as one of only nine startups globally at the BBVA banking group’s renowned “BBVA Open Talent” FinTech competition.