Ilja Jay

Marketing & Fashion Expert, Start-Up Founder, Blogger, Digital Native

First and foremost Ilja Jay Lawal is an individual who loves creative projects & innovative ideas of all kinds. With a Bachelor´s Degree in Communications & Management, he has equipped himself with all the necessary tools needed for successfully building an audience and interacting with a community. With the founding of his own fashion brand “TrueYou” he an his team managed to create something revolutionary in Vienna: a Label with the purpose to inspire people to live their dreams, all while staying true to your beliefs. Today TrueYou is known throughout all of Austria for it´s unique approach to fashion and innovative collaborations and is one of the most known labels of he country. In addition to his fashion brand he has also made a name in the Austrian Blogger Scene, winning the 2017 Blogger Award and founding an Influencer Agency called „Follow Austria“ which helps companies elevate their buisness with Influencer Marketing. However one of his biggest passions is being able to inspire others and passing on the skillset that he has developed over the years, which is why you will find him holding regurlar workshops & lecturing on various universities & FH´s.