Horst Bente

Co-Founder of leAD Sports & the Adi Dassler International Family Offic

Since the sale of Adidas, his family company, Horst Bente has been a private investor in a variety of fields in Europe, the US and Bahamas. He previously held executive positions at Jacobs Suchard (Germany), Bayer/Monsanto (US) and ISL Marketing (Switzerland). Third generation of Adi Dassler, founder of Adidas, Horst is now embarked on the journey of preserving his grandfather’s legacy through several initiatives including an Incubator to identify and fund the next great ideas in the world of sports and related fields, the development and production of a feature Hollywood movie on Adi Dassler’s life, philanthropic actions combining athletics with academics in underprivileged regions of the world, and launching a Multi Family Office (natural transition from the Dassler’s single family
office format) providing financial and estate planning advice to a selected group of like-minded families and entrepreneurs around the globe. Horst holds an MBA from Golden Gate University in San Francisco and is fluent in English and German.