Hai Ho

High-impact entrepreneur, CEO & Co-founder Triip Pte, Ltd

High-impact entrepreneur and head of Triip, an unrivaled travel-cum-tech company incorporated in Singapore. He has 12 years of experience in high-growth firms building a range of tech products like payment gateway products, social networks, wearable hardware, community app, ebook apps to name a few. Through Triip’s tech-centric positioning and expertise, Hai is launching a blockchain network called the Triip Protocol this year. Hai and his team are crafting a cryptocurrency that will enable travel service providers to connect directly with travelers in a new, decentralized marketplace that will drive down costs of both client acquisition and travel itself. Through the firm, Hai has advanced a sustainability-driven business philosophy of at the core of its vision: “To pioneer forward-looking business models advancing the vision of an industry wide transformation: sustainable travel for the world”

Triip is Singapore based startup that provides first-to-market blockchain solution for sustainable travel, while aiming to shake up the USD 7 trillion travel market industry! Triip technology solution is addressing the biggest problem in the current travel economy, dominated by inefficient & giant middlemen, while providing incentive-driven and decentralized system. This breakthrough solution enables never-before possible exchanges of personalized data!