Günther Helm

Businessman, sportsman, motivator, CEO Müller Drogerie (June 19)

Günther has studied law in Linz & Cambridge before he started his retail career within HOFER/ALDI. Within seven years, after working in different parts of Austria, Slovenia, Greece & Switzerland he becomes the youngest CEO within ALDI. After 8 years of being as CEO responsible for the Hofer Cluster containing of ALDI USA, ALDI UK/IRE, ALDI AUSTRALIA, ALDI CHINA, ALDI SUISSE, HOFER Austria, HOFER Slovenia and ALDI Hungary, he was responsible for the successful market entry in ITALY in 2018. Leaving the comfort zone is part of Günther’s DNA that is why he left ALDI after 15 years to start with a new entrepreneurial and personal challenge. 

With beginning of June this year he will take over the CEO role of Müller Drogerie which is still run by the 86 year old founder Erwin Müller. Beside his leadership skills Günther is a dedicated runner, mountain climber and triathlete.