Gregory Telepak

Urban transport planner, strategic advisor - Vienna Austria

Gregory Telepak works at the Vienna City Administration as a technical officer and project manager since 2010. There, he is at the source of what is being done in the field of mobility to keep Vienna the most liveable city in the world. His thematic focus is on strategic mobility plans, urban rail systems and European transport policy. As the project leader for creating Vienna’s current Urban Mobility Plan, he knows all about the cities ambitious objectives and how they emerged during the policy making process. Being the chairman of the EUROCITIES Working Group on Smart and Connected Mobility he is in close contact with many leading cities and has unique insights into innovative projects all over Europe The Vienna City Administration is bringing a broad variety of services to people who are living and active in Vienna, thus greatly improving their quality of life. Continuity, rooted in our long term strategies, is to that end just as important as adapting to new challenges and incorporating innovation to efficiently address needs.