Geronimo Noah Hirschal

Digital Optimist, Founder of, builds communities on Wednesday evenings.

Geronimo is a digital optimist. He is on a mission to provide digital literacy and deliver strategies for blending digital and analogue human interaction design frameworks. Being a digital executive coach he works with C-levels to use social media to shape their business, personalize their brands and communicate the purpose of digitization in a globally connected society. was founded in 2018. At a team of DIGITAL OPTIMISTS supports executives and their teams in gaining control over their digital footprint and the organisations internal and external communications and interactions. The DIGITAL OPTIMISTS developed a strategic mind- and toolset for the DIGILOG AGE, the post-digitization era. The DIGITAL OPTIMISTS combine approaches such as please fill in today’s marketing bullshit-bingo hype phrases here… to form a MARKETING ORCHESTRATION set-up for B2B and B2C clients.