Frank Stahmer

Marketing Expert, Co-Founder & CEO of “LIMES – Live Immersive Events & Spaces”

Frank Stahmer is co-founder and CEO of Vienna-based start-up LIMES – Live Immersive Events & Spaces, a company dedicated to to change the game in live entertainment and to break the boundaries of traditional concert halls and multi-purpose event spaces. Having pioneered in the new economy back in the 1990s and after being among the first to introduce streaming advertising in Germany, Hamburg-born Frank moved to Vienna in the course of the Vienna Mozart Year 2006 to dedicate his combined expertise in marketing and musicianship to the live sector with a particular regard for classical and genre-blending music formats. As part of it, he was involved in the founding of the European Composer & Songwriter Alliance in Brussels. After that he started his own business in 2010 with MissionCulture, a communication and consulting agency for performing artists and music institutions. He also was co-organiser of the worldwide classical music forum Classical:NEXT in Vienna in the years 2013 and 2014 during which he also acted as artistic director of the NEXT:festival which showed new emerging music and live concepts. With the emerging virtual reality hype, Frank and his company partners dealt with the question of how immersive media could lead into a completely new way of experiencing music and the arts. Discontent with the given lack of shared live experiences in closed VR environments, their new endeavour has since been to develop ways and technical solutions to enable virtual and immersive live experiences in the same real physical space. They call their solution LIMES.

LIMES explores the next frontier in live entertainment and breaks the boundaries of traditional concert halls and multi-purpose event spaces. By combining live performance with immersive 360° media technologies in a unique way, LIMES offers a multifunctional and literally limitless new standard for live event spaces that can create an entirely new visitor experience – whether in terms of sound, visual perception or interconnectivity.