Florian Krendl

(left) Founder of EUROPE GOES SILK ROAD

After graduating from Stiftsgymnasium Melk in 2011 Florian has studied International Business Administration at the Vienna University of Economics and Business and Political Science at the University of Vienna. He acquired hands-on expertise in social media and influencer marketing through his own activities and various collaborations in this field. Moreover, Florian is well-known for his travel photography. After working as a product manager for the Non-Tobacco Department at Tobaccoland GmbH, he founded MARCOVISION in 2019, a company focusing on innovation, sustainability and cooperation. In addition, Florian is member of the Think & Do Tank “2050 Thinkers Club” and the political section “Sektion Ohne Namen”.

EUROPE GOES SILK ROAD is an initiative of young European academics undertaking a 33.000 km research expedition along the New Silk Road to document the different Eurasian connectivity initiatives and their main projects on site as well as assessing them from an interdisciplinary point of view. By using the newly developed digital tool “LiveDocs” EUROPE GOES SILK ROAD is shaping a new path for consuming documentaries