Ernst Brandl

Attorney at Law and Keeper of Bees

After his studies at the University of Vienna, Chicago and Harvard, Ernst Brandl has been regarded as one of the leading lawyers in the field of banking and capital markets law. For the purpose of the 4gamechancer festival, however, it is more important to know that Ernst Brandl, shocked by the deadly effect of pesticides on insects and insectivores, founded a special beekeeping business. His presentation will show how Miëlo-Apiary’s slogan „reclaiming nature“ is working to gradually reducing pesticide use and enhancing biodiversity.

Miëlo-Apiary strives to eliminate pesticides by compensating the farmers’ reduced yield, which they have to endure, by renouncing pesticides. The apiary grown to an enterprise of almost 70 colonies – bees and other insects can now forage for nectar and pollen on around 100 hectares of organically grown fields and 500 hectares of forest in two locations, the Miëlo „Oases“. Miëlo-Apiary‘s vision is to create as many „Oases“ as possible by the sale of „Miëlo“-Honey to corporates and individuals.