Eric Hofmann

Serious Play Expert | Playful Change Organizations & Teams

I believe that there is no greater power for solving the problems we face than with high-collaborating teams. I also believe the right frameworks dramatically improve collaboration outcomes. People should be empowered to drive change themselves, rather than being told by management or consultants how to change. I believe in the power of play. This is one of the most powerful things humans can use. I love what Einstein said: “Play is the highest form of research.” When we were childs, we played every day. In our first six years, we learned more than we´ll learn for the rest of our lifes. And we embraced change every day. No child want´s to keep the status quo. I help people and organizations to think beyond their limits. I work as a coach, facilitator, trainer and speaker. I work with individuals, teams and organizations in the fields of innovation, creativity, playfulness, strategic management change management and corporate culture. Conventional collaboration methods are either too inhibiting (presentations, status discussions) or too loose and disorganized (open discussions and brainstorms) to creatively engage people. In the last years I´ve tested more than 100 serious games and collaboration frameworks from all over the world. I think my favourite one is LEGO Serious Play but there are a lot other great tools that I really love.

Permanent whitewater is a metaphor, for the change, uncertainty, and turbulence that characterize most business environments. Though most managers were taught that leading is like paddling a canoe on a calm lake, the reality is that we never get out of the rapids. We are continually experiencing upset and chaos. Our mission is to help organizations to survive and thrive in permanent whitewater. It’s not about Agile vs. Scrum, Design Thinking vs. Lean. Not about us or them. We provide individuals, teams and organizations with forceful tools & methods, and help them to get the right mindset for a cheerfully play in whitewater rapids.