Dalsoo Shin

Projectmanager, Incubator and Fan of Paradox Interactive

Hi, I am Dalsoo Shin, Project Manager of 5minlab. 5minlab is a game developing company making our world more entertained through providing creative and exciting game contents. Our mission is to make people’s daily life more flourishing through experimenting and inventing something that has never been introduced. As a result, we are also developing real-time PVP mobile games and VR & AR games with Korea’s largest telecom companies. Our office is based in Seoul, South Korea where most of its members are involved in a game dev process. My role in the team is to do everything else but develop games, to make sure that the rest of the team members can solely devote their time on what they do. I have 15-year experiences in the gaming industry about developing and marketing several games like Survivor Project, Granado Espada, PangYa, and PlayTrickster. Young, quick, experienced, Tech Co., Ltd. And a delightful laboratory that transforms the world in five minutes. We all love games. Our job is to make games together in a free and pleasant atmosphere.