Clara Egner

TU Wien, Student, Data Analyst, Science Communicator


Curiosity about the big and small “wonders” of the world and the joy of discovering and

learning something new about them every day are what led Clara Egner into choosing a

path in science. After finishing her BSc in Technical Physics she is now studying

Biomedical Engineering at the Technical University of Vienna. What fascinates her most

about her field of study is the interdisciplinary nature: understanding all different aspects

that make up the processes driving the human body. Besides, she is working as Data

Scientist and Analyst.

To her, science communication is just as important as research. Her goal is to spread

enthusiasm for science and to show that even subjects like statistics – something

essential for any field and the topic of her science slam – can be intriguing if you give

them a chance. She is also a passionate competitive dancer and traveller.