Claas van Delden

NCG NuCom Group SE, Co-CEO

Claas is Co-CEO of NCG NUCOM Group. He has been working in consumer internet since 2006 and has been involved in transactions of B2C businesses with a total volume of > 2 B€. He started his career as management consultant with the Boston Consulting Group and holds a degree in business from University of St. Gallen.

NuCom is a majority-owned subsidiary of ProSiebenSat.1 Media SE, one of Europe´s leading media companies and Germany´s biggest TV network. Since 2018, General Atlantic as one of the leading global growth equiry firms has also invested a significant stake in the NuCom Group. Trough leveraging ProSiebenSat.1´s media power and expertise combined with General Atlantic´s operational and investment excellence, NuCom accelerates the strong growth path of our portfolio companies and creates superior value investors and the portfolio companies.