Christof Goetz

Entrepreneur, Project Manager, Founder of MyMind

Christof is a Project Manager and Serial Entrepreneur with more than 20 years’ experience in managing software projects and five years in managing hardware projects. Christof is German and was born 1972. He gained international experience working in the UK, the US and various European countries. He is father of an autistic daughter and developed with his team Brain Hero, a neurofeedback game using a mobile EEG to improve brain fitness i.e. increase concentration level and relaxation level as well as social interaction.

MyMind is a social life science company based in Vienna. Our vision is to help people with neurological impairments to live towards their full brain potential and to be a visible part of society. MyMind’s first product is a neurofeedback game called Brain Hero. Using a mobile EEG plus tablet, brain waves are measured, and the user gets visual feedback of concentration and relaxation levels. Regular training sessions of just 10 minutes per day visibly improve brain fitness and social interaction. MyMind objective is to include mobile neurofeedback with therapy methods for children with autism and ADHD and to conduct a medical study to enable the use of Brain Hero as part of therapy. There are also plans to include other neurological impairments such as dementia, stroke, but also address burn-out and burn-out prevention.