Bruce Bateman

CEO LITE-ON Technologies, Serial Entrepreneur, Mentor, Angel Investor

Futurist with a focus on living in 2030 and the technology roadmap to get there. Experienced AI for Elderly care and connected living. Smart Community technologist and designer, now leading the drive for Smart Community planning and technologies. A Serial Entrepreneur, Mentor, Angel Investor, Startup Advisor, Constant Traveler and Lover of Life, learning different cultures and business practices. Having started or been involved early stages of 9 startups, the experiences of success and failures has given Bruce an open and enlightened view of the startup world. Quantified Self super geek. Love to discuss where and how we will get to 2030, Singularity or not by 2030 we still have lots of work to do. Are you involved, watching or running away, love to get others opinions.