Boris Gloger

Profound thinker, author, german scrum pioneer & opinion leader

Boris Gloger is a German scrum pioneer and opinion leader for new forms of working. With his management corporate consultancy borisgloger consulting, he not only supports DAX and ATX companies with agile organization management, but also drives new ways of working in his own company’s daily business. In 2002 he successfully led his first Scrum team at the Austrian ONE (later called Orange Austria Telecommunication). From that point on, he has been playing a leading role in establishing Scrum as the standard in agile software development in Europe, South Africa and in Brazil. He is the author of several specialist books on the topics of agility and Scrum and has educated more than 5000 managers and teams in Scrum until today.
Boris strongly believes in self-organization and the voluntary principle as the very best form for achieving goals and to really live a self-reliant life. As the first certified Scrum Trainer in Germany, he has been passionate for that framework for almost two decades and recently embraced the mission of enhancing educational opportunities with Scrum4Schools. Mr Gloger represents the opinion that Germany is still a leading nation in education but he pleads for more courage to make use of Germany’s well trained people. Only by doing this, Germany (and the EU) can keep up with global innovators like China, Asia and the USA and not be excluded in the long term. Education is key to a nation that wants to play a leading role in innovation and progress.