Bettina Gruber

Founder with heart, committed Entrepreneur & Visionary

„KinderKnigge was inspired by my vision and became a great mission. For the most important beings in life: our children.

Who am I?
I am 44 years old, got my MSc for Digital Business at the FH Technikum in 2018 and I am mother of 2 great (mildly pubescent) girls.
Which awards did I get so far?
“Best of Marketing” Award (WU, 2001), i2B Competition Special Prize EPU (2015), FFG-Funding for the Development of a Digital Learning Tool (2018), “Austrian Child Protection” Award (2018)
What is my motivation?
After more than 20 years in marketing management positions at various companies such as Mediaprint, Billa and Wein & Co, it was time for a completely new task. And for an area that is less about digits, curves & graphics but more about people. For those who enrich our lives: children.

My daughters have inspired me to develop the concept of “KinderKnigge” (Knigge for Kids) and the vision of making a small contribution to the positive development of tomorrow’s society, already today. That´s why I founded “KinderKnigge”. An important topic. A great task. A huge potential. I am convinced of the importance of our content and fascinated of the people who support me in developing this extraordinary program. It´s my passion to persuade pedagogues and parents of the sustainability of our “Benimmfit-Trainings” and, above all, to gain the kids as enthusiastic Kniggs-fans. It is crucial to convey the importance of mindful manners and a respectful unity in our multi-cultural world and thus to strengthen the social competence – as early as possible. Educationally based. Implemented creatively. And playfully conveyed. In short: Let’s leave the “Benimm-Muffel”-times together behind us!

KinderKnigge GmbH is a young educational company that has developed a unique program around the subject of “mindful dealings” with a focus on culture and values as well as social competence. The target group are children from 5 to 10 years. The portfolio is broad and based on three key aspects:

• hybridity – combination of analog & digital teaching & learning materials
• holistic pedagogy
• inclusive learning offer
NEW from spring ’19: Benimmfit-Trainings for apprentices