Bernhard Sagmeister

Managing Director Austria’s Federal Promotional Bank Austria Wirtschaftsservice

Since July 2009 Bernhard Sagmeister serves as Managing Director of Austria’s Federal Promotional Bank  Austria Wirtschaftsservice
GmbH” (aws) and the ERP-Funds (European Recovery Program). Furthermore, he chairs the “aws Venture Funds” and Austria’s “National Foundation for Research, Technology and Development” (NFTE).

Bernhard Sagmeister draws on over 25 years of professional experience in the financial and banking industry. In addition to his current appointment at aws
Bernhard Sagmeister is affiliated to the supervisory board of the Austrian Bank for Tourism Development (ÖHT), member of “Austria´s External Economic Relations
Advisory Board” (Federal Chamber of Commerce, Austria) and board member of Austria’s “Water and Waste Management Association”. Since June 2015 he also
serves as Chairman and President of European Association of Guarantee Institutions (AECM). Follow him on Linkedin @Bernhard Sagmeister.