Annamaria Andres

International startup community, innovation & tech enthusiast

Annamaria Andres is program manager of the Global Incubator Network Austria at the Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG). In close cooperation with partners and co-managed by austria wirtschaftservice (aws) the program helps startups, incubators and investors in their internationalization from Austria to specific Asian countries and from Asia to Europe via Austria.

Annamaria’ activities focus on strategic work related to the incubation program for Asian startups in Austria (goAustria) and to the implementation of initiatives for Austrian and Asian incubators and accelerators supporting them in their internationalization plans. She has deep insights into the Austrian startup community and excellent contacts to Asian startup hotpots.

The passion for startups began with the knowledge of their development from earliest stage gained as information and communication technology (ICT) expert at the FFG evaluating research and development projects. The enthusiasm for innovation and technology is her driver for the most professional activities combined with the wiliness to help, curiosity for new experiences, networking skills and openness to different opinions and cultures.