Anna Gawin

Social Entrepreneur, Learn Designer, Mother and Women in Tech

Anna Gawin after spending 15 years in different management positions in financial industry in Europe became a social Entrepreneur. Being mother of 2 wonderful girls, Anna together with her husband Peter have founded DaVinciLab – a 21st Century Learning Lab where Kids & Teens boost their creativity and innovation power by using various digital tools and social skills. DaVinciLab is education transformation consultant and learn designer helping public and private organisations in transforming education. Already 6.500 Kids &Teens, as well 1.200 teachers and more than 100 schools worked with DaVinciLab in various projects, workshops and labs. YouthHackathon is a non-profit platform initiated by DaVinciLab aiming at enabling gratis coding lessons at every austrian school thanks to cooperation with volunteers and OER learning tools.