Teach, learn, apply - when will education embrace digitization?

It is time to rethink the way we have implemented education so far. How can we do that and what is the problem with the current education system? Details: The public education system in Austria still seems good, but studies show that Austrian students are falling behind in global rankings. Education reform has been a hot topic for decades. What's the real problem? Is our political system holding our children back? How can we transform the education system from study-based to practice-based learning, and would that be an improvement? And to what extent can and should digitization be a driver for better education here, and why should the crisis be seen as an opportunity and mechanism for change and evolution in the education system? Questions upon questions - we will answer them all in this exciting panel discussion. Discussing this with Claudia Unterweger (FM4): Felix Ohswald (GoStudent), Heidi Schrodt (Bildung Grenzenlos), Corinna Sahl (Lernlust jetzt), Ben Scheurer (Influencer, Consultant), Max Schulyok (ÖBV), Tom Matzek (edutube) and Julia Löschl (Dipl. Säuglings-Kinder und Jugendliche & Elternberaterin).