The future of fashion - from the paradigm shift through the power of consumption


Meanwhile, society knows that "fast fashion" is a devastating environmental killer. In addition, the fact of the unsafe and non-transparent production conditions of manufacturers, which increasingly casts a critical image on the fashion industry. However, humanity wants to continue consuming and reluctant to change habits. Without a drastic rethinking of society and equally effective action on the part of industry, change will not be possible. What conditions must be in place or created for this to happen? How can we ensure in the process of decision-making that both fashion supply and consumer demand are simultaneously shifted in a green, sustainable direction? And what influence do fashion houses, clothing manufacturers and the media have? How might those actors act to spur a shift in societal values? Questions upon questions that will find answers in this discussion. Eva Deutsch (FM4) will discuss this: Alexandra Russ (Sustainable Fashion Influencer), Anna Greil (Uptraded), Safia Minney (Founder & Global CEO People Tree), Sammy Oteng (Sustainability & Fashion Industry) and Markus Giesswein.