Capital markets in transition - on the importance of the domestic stock exchange


What do Unicorns mean for the Vienna Stock Exchange? What are the general economic consequences? What impact does the Ukraine war and the lack of Russian investors have on the Vienna Stock Exchange? At the moment it seems as if Ukraine is the European China - all raw materials seem to be imported from there. Does this experience from the last crises have to and can it lead to a repositioning of the business location? After decades of steadily increasing globalization, is the countermovement now coming and what would that mean for the domestic economy including the stock exchange location? What economic outlook do we have, which segments will be the winners/losers? Barbara Battisti (ORF) will discuss this: Investor Oliver Holle, Christoph Boschan (CEO Vienna Stock Exchange), Andreas Nemeth (UNIQA), Monika Rosen-Philipp (Vice President Austrian-American Society), Fiona Springer (FMA), Gunther Deuber (RBI) and Robert Kleedorfer (Kurier).