People, Planet, Profit - from sustainable entrepreneurship

"Purpose driven start ups" or in German purpose oriented/meaningful start ups are on everyone's lips but also essential for a strengthened future. "Purpose/meaning" seems to be the big discussed word that is used more and more often when talking about start ups that "care". These are companies that make it their mission to have a positive impact on society or the environment through their idea and business model. It is important to note, however, that they are not NGOs! Purpose driven startups often seem to have the goal of making profit as well, but that is not the only and predominant goal. When a regular startup scales, its revenue increases. When a purpose-driven company scales, its impact grows along with its profit. For them, sustainability is not just an add-on or a "nice to have," but it is firmly embedded in the company's core mission and operations. The meaning is not just written on the label and company sign, it is lived! In summary, "Purpose driven Start Ups" are the future of business, employees know it, customers know it, investors know it. Café Puls host Florian Danner discusses this with Marie Ringler (ASHOKA), Bassel Jalaleddine (eFlow), Bernhard Hofer (Talentify), Walburga Fröhlich (Capito) and Rosa Bergmann (HobbyLobby).