Austrian success cases - about entrepreneurship on the upswing


Austria already figures in February this year the fourth most Unicorns in Europe and the potential seems to be far from exhausted. Which opportunities of the Ö. Startup ecosystem have made Austria a breeding ground for Unicorns/ what are the advantages of starting up in Austria and what will be offered to Unicorns and Soonicorns in the future? What needs to be worked on so that Austria's unicorn diversity is not reduced: for example, simplified access to the labor market and against brain drain? How can this also be counteracted? Are Unicorns important drivers/powers for politics and business and what do they improve? These and many other exciting questions are the basis for discussion on this panel. They will be discussed by Dejan Jovicevic (Incubator): Gregor Müller (GoStudent), investor Hansi Hansmann, Janice Goodenough (Hydrogrid), Manuel Zeller (NEOH), Marcus Ihlenfeld (Woom bikes), Max Tayenthal (N26), Cornelia Daniel (Dachgold) and Max Schausberger (RBI).