Where to put your money - from the mix & match of your own investments and the new way of paying

Inflation is clearly evident and with it the desire to preserve and build wealth. But the investment options are broad and range from crypto, stocks, funds to real estate investments and much more - this panel provides food for thought and also takes a look at the future of our payment ecosystems. We discuss questions such as "How controllable are all these forms of investment?", "Where is individual initiative possible and also necessary?", "Crypto, NFTs, etc.? - how will this area in particular develop?", "Are there still safe solutions or investments? ", "Will we even be using credit cards in ten years?", "What are the top trends when it comes to the future of payments?" Markus Raunig (Austria Startups) will discuss this with: Stefanie Ahammer (VISA), Michael Murg (Brickwise 2Minutes 2Millions), David Mayer-Heinisch (Froots), Florian Beckermann (Chairman IVA), Marietta Babos and Catherine Guay-Chenard (Metaco).