The Crisis as a Driver of Innovation - Opportunities for Success out of Adversity


Why can some benefit from the crisis and some not? Is necessity really the mother of invention? What are the optimal conditions for innovation? Is a wave of great ideas and start-ups coming? Economically, we are facing exciting times - is this the optimal breeding ground for start-ups? And which ideas from the crisis will continue to change our lives? How can company ideas that are limited in time to the crisis also survive after the crisis - how do you manage to transform success into the time of normality? Reiner Reitsamer (ORF 3) will discuss this: Marie Ringler (Ashoka), Peter Windischhofer (refurbed), Dominik Campanella (Concular), Markus Petzl (Disruptiv), Othmar Michaeler (Falkensteiner), Martin Wrobel (TU Brandenburg) and Nina Wöss (Female Founders).