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A pronounced level of research and development is an indispensable driver in both the national and international context in order to be recognized, in demand and competitive. At the same time, it also strengthens the self-confidence of the country's economy. Due to its excellent research quota, Austria can proudly claim to enjoy a fantastic reputation in terms of R&D in an international comparison. This will be reinforced this year as well, and around 14 billion euros will be invested in research. The position as a partial world market leader is definitely nothing new for Austria, so it is all the more surprising that groundbreaking successes and new findings often go unnoticed by the national public. Discussing this with Florian Petauschnig (ORF): Werner Gruber (University of Vienna), Sahra Tasdelen (IMBA), Anna Huditz (Head of Competence Unit Transportation Infrastructure Technologies AIT), Henrietta Egerth - Stadlhuber (FFG) and Monika Köppl-Turyna.