Leo Hillinger - The Gamechanger

4Gamechangers TV from 21.10.2020

State Prize for Innovation 2020

4Gamechangers TV the talk of 17.10.2020

4Gamechangers TV from 14.10.2020

4Gamechangers TV the talk of 10.10.2020

4Gamechangers TV from 07.10.2020

4Gamechangers TV the talk of 03.10.2020

State Prize for Innovation 2020

State Prize for Digitisation 2020

4Gamechangers TV from 30.09.2020

4Gamechangers TV the talk of 26.09.2020

4Gamechangers TV from 23.09.2020

4Gamechangers TV the talk of 19.09.2020

4Gamechangers TV from 16.09.2020

4Gamechangers TV the talk of 12.09.2020

4Gamechangers TV from 09.09.2020

4Gamechangers TV the talk of 09/05/2010

4Gamechangers TV from 02.09.2020

4Gamechangers TV the talk of 29.08.2020

4Gamechangers TV from 26.08.2020

4Gamechangers TV the talk of 22.08.2020

4Gamechangers TV from 19.08.2020

4Gamechangers TV the talk of 13.06.2020

4Gamechangers TV from 10.06.2020

4Gamechangers TV the talk of 06.06.2020

4Gamechangers TV from 03.06.2020

Gamechanger of the week: Cybershoes

4Gamechangers TV from 27.05.2020

Gamechanger of the week: VeloConcerts

4Gamechangers TV the talk of 23.05.2020

4Gamechangers TV from 20.05.2020

4Gamechangers TV the talk of 16.05.2020

Gamechanger of the week: Hygiene wall

4Gamechangers TV from 13.05.2020

Gamechanger of the week: birdkids

4Gamechangers TV the talk of 09.05.2020

4Gamechangers TV from 06.05.2020

Gamechanger of the week: Nemo's Garden

4Gamechangers TV the talk of 02.05.2020

4Gamechangers TV from 29.04.2020

4Gamechangers TV the talk of 28.03.2020

4Gamechangers TV the talk of 25.04.2020

4Gamechangers TV from 22.04.2020

SAFEDI on 4Gamechangers TV

4Gamechangers TV the talk of 18.04.2020

4Gamechangers TV the talk of 11.04.2020

4Gamechangers TV from 08.04.2020

4Gamechangers TV the talk of 04.04.2020

4COMMUNITY Michael Wagenthaler

4GC 4community Lets Catch VUCA

4community Siemens

4GC 4community Henry Dobson

4GC 4community keeper Tobias

4GC 4community Carla Johnson

4GC 4community Monika Hauck

4GC 4community Lukas Berger

4Gamechangers TV - The Talk with Reinhard Falschlehner

4Gamechangers TV from 18.03.2020

4Gamechangers TV from 11.03.2020

4Gamechangers TV - The Talk with Birgit Aichinger

4Gamechangers TV from 04.03.2020

4Gamechangers TV - The Talk with Matthias Strolz

4Gamechangers TV - The Talk with Manuel Kraus (Pocketcoach)

4Gamechangers TV from 26.02.2020

4Gamechangers TV - The Talk with Rita Huber

4Gamechangers TV from 19.02.2020

Late Night Berlin - SevenOneMedia Special

4GAMECHANGERS TV from 12.02.2020

4GAMECHANGERS TV - The talk with Selma Prodanovic

4GAMECHANGERS TV from 05.02.2020

4GAMECHANGERS TV - The talk with Janice Goodenough from Hydrogrid

4GAMECHANGERS TV from 29.01.2020

4Gamechangers Festival 2020: Is capitalism destroying the world?

4Gamechangers Festival 2020: How do we save the world for our children?

4Gamechangers Festival 2020: Will robots take our jobs?

4Gamechangers Festival 2020: Does Europe still have a chance?

4Gamechangers TV - The talk with Andreas Bierwirth from Magenta

4Gamechangers TV from 22.01.2020

4Gamechangers - The talk with Michael Hettegger from craftworks

4Gamechangers TV from 15.01.2020

The city of tomorrow

4Gamechangers TV from 08.01.2020

Talk on the topic of "new work

4GAMECHANGERS TV from 15.12.2019

4GAMECHANGERS TV from 08.12.2019

4LifeChangers changes lives

These are the 4LIFECHANGERS

4GAMECHANGERS TV from 01.12.2019

4GAMECHANGERS TV from 24.11.2019

4GAMECHANGERS TV from 10.11.2019

4GAMECHANGERS TV from 03.11.2019

4GAMECHANGERS TV from 27.10.2019

4GAMECHANGERSTV, the future magazine from 20.10.2019

4GAMECHANGERS TV from 10/13/2019

4GAMECHANGERS TV, the future magazine from 06.10.2019

4GAMECHANGERSTV - the future magazine: PULS 24

4GAMECHANGERS TV, the future magazine from 04.09.2019

Vienna meets Tyrol - European Forum Alpbach 2019: Part 2

Vienna meets Tyrol - European Forum Alpbach 2019: Part 1

Wine tasting - European Forum Alpbach 2019

VERBUND in dialogue - European Forum Alpbach 2019

Lower Austria meets Tyrol - European Forum Alpbach 2019

Magenta Night - European Forum Alpbach 2019

Bischoferalm - European Forum Alpbach 2019

A1 get2gether - European Forum Alpbach 2019

4Gamechangers Highlight Trailer

Wilfried Haslauer - Governor of Salzburg

Salzburg Summit: Valentin Stalf, N26

Salzburg Summit: Taavi Kotka

Salzburg Summit: StefanPierer, KTM

Salzburg Summit: Stefan Pierer

Salzburg Summit: Sergey Sukhanov

Salzburg Summit: Richard David Precht

Salzburg Summit: ÖVP head Sebastian Kurz

Salzburg Summit: Michael Stix, ProsiebenSat.1PULS4

Salzburg Summit: Michael Jacobides

Salzburg Summit: Margarete Schramboeck, ÖVP

Salzburg Summit: Lukas Roeper, PWC

Salzburg Summit: Henrietta Egerth

Salzburg Summit: Hartwig Loeger

Salzburg Summit: Georg Kopetz

Salzburg Summit: Dorothee Ritz, Microsoft

Salzburg Summit: Corinna Milborn

Salzburg Summit: Christoph Neumayer and Gabi Spiegelfeld

Salzburg Summit: Christine Catasta, PWC

Salzburg Summit: Caroline Edtstadler

Salzburg Summit: Antonella Mei-Pochtler

Salzburg Summit: Annemarie Rudel

Salzburg Summit: Andreas Treichl Erste Bank

Salzburg Summit: Andreas Brandstetter, UNIQA

Salzburg Summit: Andreas Bierwirth, Magenta

Salzburg Summit: Alexander Schallenberg

Helga Rabl-Stadler - President Salzburg Festival

Salzburg Summit: Georg Kapsch

Salzburg Summit: Federal Chancellor Brigitte Bierlein

Next Destination "Sustainability"

4GAMECHANGERS TV, the future magazine from 19.06.2019

With solar power and recycled plastic to the South Pole and Markus Braun in talk

4GAMECHANGERS TV: Green, Green, Greentech

4GAMECHANGERS TV: Trendsetter in Green

Gadgets from the health-tech start-up scene

4GAMECHANGERS TV: Innovation instead of ideology

4GAMECHANGERS TV, the future magazine: Fighting the Gender Gap

4GAMECHANGERS TV: Red Bull and KTM as high-tech pioneers

Will 5G and IoT change the game - Thomas Arnoldner

Welcome Speech Markus Breitenecker & Conrad Albert

Via imagination and music to learning - Michael Wagenthaler

Trend Break - Andreas Hladky

The future success factor in personality - Sebastian Körber

The future of retail - innovate or die!

The future is yours: Game Changers need self-confidence - but trust is just as decisive

Startup Pitches: Health, Mobility and Fintech

Speedinvest x - Insights of top-tier portfolio companies

Space is Game Changing - Colin Michael Foale

Silk Road 4.0: High-tech expedition to China and back

Seznam.cz Tomáš Pergler & Vladimír Kadlec

Presono Karaoke - Lukas Keller

Panel Discussion: Growing a Startup with Corporate Power

Panel Discussion: Corporates Talk Startup Collaboration

Opening Stewart Copeland & Ralph Simon

Moving in the 3rd Dimension - Air-Taxi Presentation

Local success at global scale

LIMES - live immersive event spaces - Frank Stahmer

Irvine 7 - Emotionalizing High-Tech Through Art

Innovation changed the game - Harald Neumann

Help needed My boss is a robot - Leo Muigg

Swimming against the current - Eugen Prosquill

Future Focus 2019: Searching for Trust

Form Sports: Without the Vrooom but with a green E!

For the sake of the environment - green energy for smart citie

Fintech: With the hype seemingly gone, can crypto-currencies sustain and gain the trust of the masses

Europe goes Silkroad

Ethical AI - Darren Hubert

Energizing Tomorrow's Mobility: Searching for the perfect mix - Manfred Leitner

Digital twin, simulating the city of tomorrow today

The threat posed by GAFA to the European vertical integration and what politics can do about it now!

Corporate Pitches: Best corporate programs

Content driven marketing automation

China Urbanization - Hongqi Guo

China is under a Warp-Speed Evolution - Tom Doctoroff

China and the West: a Personal Perspective

Changing the landscape of corporate innovation

Beyond Digital - Michael note

Better than owning a car: Mobility as a Service changing the way we move for good.

Austrian Media Landscape: Do media and products really need each other?

Alpine Technology(hochx): A Regional Hub with Global Impact

AI and Tech Intensity - Darren Hubert

A future beyond fossil fuels Our generation's moon landing

A champions will - winning mankinds hardest race - Matthias Walkner

15 Minutes of Innovation - cognaize Vahe Andonians

10 Minutes of Innovation: Power station - Heimo Hammer

10 Min of Innovation - aws

10 Min of Innovation "High Prec. VR technology"


Session: China - the fast-moving giant: Role model, rival or partner in times of change?

Session: A world without oil?

Session: Ethics role in innovation

Session: Future mobility - heavy traffic

Session: Future mobility - Individual traffic & passengers services

Session: Generation AI: Taking the next step in human evolution. Can imperfect humans create perfect intelligence?

Session: Cities of tomorrow

Session: E-Commerce Part II

Session: E-Commerce Part I: The data is gathered anyway - let's put it to Europe's use!

Session: Mundane Media Madness

Session: European Media Broadcasters in peril: Can combined content plattforms form the last stand?

4GAMECHANGERS TV: Downsizing in living

Youth Hackathon Final incl. Motion 4Kids

You can reach higher: Technologies that change lives

Welcome Speech Michael Stix, Markus Breitenecker & Max Conze

Water for everyone

Turning your Passion into Your Future - Gerhard Wanek

Trend Break - Fritz Krassnitzer

Trend Break - Andreas Hladky

Talents are the new Oil - Eva Czernohorsky

story.one, the social publishing revolution

Strong schools Hosted by Veritas

The key to the game is to find enough skilled workers - Johannes Kopf

Shaping your future workplace - Veronika Cottlehuber

Science Slam - Bernhard Weingartner

Students shape change - Konstantinos Bitsios

School Business Partnerships for the Digital Era

Renewable "energy": innovation as a game changer for the future of energy

Rejuvenation biotechnology: why age may soon cease to mean aging

Presono Karaoke - Lukas Keller

Poetry Slam powered by Slam b

OMV Digital & Innovation - Roman Spitzer

Miëlo - reclaiming nature - Ernst Brandl

Mediclass - The Future of Outpatient Healthcare

Lego serious play: How play will change business

Etiquette for children - Bettina Gruber

Hyper Innovation in times of exponential developments - Maks Giordano

How to Design Yourself - Patch Adams

How MSF uses 3D printing in humanitarian settings

Gesundheit! Institute as a Social Project - Patch Adams

Future Jobs: Reinventing Austria's Labour Market with inclusion being the key to success

Future GameChangers - Co-Lab by motion4kids & DaVinci Lab

Fit & Smart - Ralf Möller

European Youth Award - Matthias Kandler

Diversity & Gender - Showing attitude as a company - using the power of brand 4 good

Digital competencies - so what? - Ulrike Domany- Funtan

Customer Centricity Barbara Aigner & Michael Viehböck

Crypto Energy Consumption: Can we sustainable power the currency of the future?

Change your state - win the game - Aron Anderson

Business Riot: Why gender equality matters

Be a Gamechanger - Michael Edwards "Eddie the Eagle"

Ars Electronica - Dejan Jovicevic

Always Ride The Right Horse Sky X & The Freedom Of Streaming

A1 eSports - 4GAMECHANGERS Finals - CHAT

4FUTURE DAY - Highlights

30-hour work week but at full pay #30sindgenug

Final: A1 eSports Smash Cups

Session: Humans glued to their screens: The importance of gearing up mind, body and soul for a digitalized future

5MINLAB - Kay Kim & Dalsoo Shin

Session: Generation Z: Digital natives refining the concept of work-life balance - unfit for economic challenges?

Session: Climate Crisis: The devastatingly inconvenient truth - creating solutions to a sustainable future

Session: Female Business Goes Future II

Session: Women in Tech: Free our minds of prejudice - the need to dust off biased role models

Session: Future Jobs: Required skills of a digitalized society vs. the impossibility of fast knowledge reation due to regulation

Session: Female Business Goes Future I

Session: The unequal equality of social justice

Session: Education 4.0: Taking more than an educated guess - with a global view

XENCIO's Journey to Austria with GIN

Welcome Speech Eun-Kyung Park & Bernhard Albrecht

Vertical Farming - Daniel Podmirseg

Usecases of logistics 4.0 - Peter Umundum

Trend Break: Andreas Hladky

Trend Break - Andreas Hladky (2)

Time to change the game: How the legacy of Adi Dassler is lifting tomorrow's disruptors in Sports

The Future of Finance - Hartwig Löger

The flying deliverer: How delivery drones revolutionize the transport of daily goods.

Super-Potion Startup Power

Start-Up Open Mic incl. Hot Seat

Simon Lewis - music act

Shaping Digital Austria - Andreas Tschas

Rapid Product Development: The Future of Innovation

Opening Speech Sarah Chen

Open innovation with startups - Myth or Reality?

Now: Get rich slowly - Thomas Niss

Moonshot: The smartest Startup Evolution on Planet Blue

Mindset for Gamechangers

Knowledge Transfer at CERN - Giovanni Anelli

Innovation or Die - Thomas Riegler

innovation by education

Innovation & Transformation - Sven Oliver Sonnenschein

Industry meets Makers: Sandra Stromberger

How Vienna supports Startups & Innovation - Gabriele Tatzberger

GIN goes Seoul: Powered by Global Incubator Network & Foreign Trade Austria

Get Active Social Business Award: The highest endowed start-up aid for social innovations and companies in Austria

Gamification Pitch Session - Powered by Business Agency

Falkensteiner - the world's most successful tourism crowd investing

Entrepreneurial Spirit makes the Difference - Christiane Holzinger

e-Conomy in Southeast Asia - Gilberto Gaeta

Cargo Cult Innovation - Josef Penninger

Can communist China innovate? - Haisong Tang

Building a European Innovation-Ecosystem out of Austria - Oliver Csendes

Born Global Champions Award II

Born Global Champions Award I

AVEC - Music Act

Automation Concepts of the Future: Frank Melzer

Are you ready for startupticket.at?

Anyone can do it - Sahar Hashemi

5 Minutes of Innovation Georg Kapsch

5 Min of Innovation Impibag - Tina Glavanovitz

5 Min of Innovation - Florian Kandler

4STARTUPS DAY - Highlights

360° in 360 days - Christian Vancea

20 min of Innovation - Torsten Toeller

10 min of innovation - Harald Mahrer

State Prize for Digitization

Pitch Final #glaubandich Challenge

Pre-Pitch Session III - Powered by Conda

Eurasian Entrepreneurship II: E-Commerce - Taking a walk on the digital silk road

Session: Eurasian Entrepreneurship I: Trying to derive formulas of success from both worlds

Session: Banking 4.0: Rearranging the world - how to value the worth of trust?

Session: Corporate Ventures: Repressing competition or forming alliances - which is more promising?

Pre-Pitch Session I - Powered by Primecrowd

Pre-Pitch Session II - Powered by Start-Up Live

Session: Recession/Depression: Capital markets. Giving or taking the next big hit?

Session: Industry 4.0: Making the BIG FAST and the FAST BIG

Session: Blockchain Technology Disrupting money & paperwork - a threat or thrill for us?

4GAMECHANGERS TV, the magazine of the future: Upstream business in change

4GAMECHANGERS TV: Social Control 4.0?

4GAMECHANGERS TV: Focus on "Cybercrime

4GAMECHANGERS TV: Flight taxis and how they will change our mobility

4GAMECHANGERS TV from 2/27/2019

The 4GAMECHANGERS Festival 2019

4GAMECHANGERS TV: A world without plastic


4GAMECHANGERS TV on growth boost through growth hacking

4GAMECHANGERS TV about Austria and digitization

4GAMECHANGERS TV about Artificial Intelligence

4Gamechangers TV about India and the future of flying

4GAMECHANGERS.TV on corporate social responsibility

4GAMECHANGERS TV at 10000 chances

4GAMECHANGERS TV at the world market leader congress

4GAMECHANGERS TV - Ideas for plastic waste reduction

4GAMECHANGERS TV: workplace of the future

4GAMECHANGERS TV: Innovations from Life-Science and Health-Tech

4GAMECHANGERS TV from the Innovation Summit in Salzburg

4GAMECHANGERS TV: Mobility and Energy

4GAMECHANGERS TV: Industry Meets Makers

4GAMECHANGERS TV: The future of television

4GAMECHANGERS TV: The new "2 minutes 2 million" investor!

Coca Cola revitalizes Burgenland - 4GAMECHANGERS TV

eSports - a booming industry reaches Austria

"Europe meets Asia" - that's what the 4GAMECHANGERS Festival 2019 brings

Coca-Cola: Everything new in Austria

Once Everything Different - 4GAMECHANGERS TV

Putting strong ideas on track - 4GAMECHANGERS TV

Does block chain technology (from Austria) save the world?

The first Austria-wide pitch competition: Today on 4GAMECHANGERS TV

Jump on the train to the future!

The fully digital farm - in 4Gamechangers TV

No more school! - The future of the classroom

Top stars at the 4GAMECHANGERS festival!

Sophia Robot at the 4GAMECHANGERS Festival

How the Internet will change our lives

This is how spectacular the 4GAMECHANGERS-Festival

Security at major events

PULS 4 reporter Alina reports from the Marx Halle!

PULS 4 reporter Alina at E-Gaming

Click and go - How to fight Facebook addiction

Julian Hosp - The Bitcoin Guru

Is e-gaming a sport?

Heather Mills in private!

Final countdown at the 4GAMECHANGERS festival

We're good to go: The 4GAMECHANGERS Festival

One week until the 4GAMECHANGERS-Festival

Digital currencies - Bitpanda

Preparations are underway at the 4GAMECHANGERS festival

The highlights of day 1 of the 4GAMECHANGERS-Festival!

The brilliant award show at the 4GAMECHANGERS-Festival

The second day of the 4GAMECHANGERS-Festival

The "metronome" sets the beat!

That was the 4GAMECHANGERS-Festival 2018

The car of the future!

Anna Veith knows what it means to fight

4GAMECHANGERS Festival 2018 - Aftermovie

10,000 opportunities for people willing to work


Talk with Luca aka Concrafter & puuki

Sum-up Robindro Ullah

Sum-up Detlef D Soost

Music Act: Max & Emil Weller

Keynote speech Tanmay Bakshi

Keynote speech Osama Manzar

Keynote Speech Heather Mills

Keynote Speech Gerald Hörhan

Keynote speech Anshul Tewari

5 MIN of Innovation Bernhard Weingartner

10 MIN of social responsibility

10 MIN of Innovation Wings for Life World Run

10 MIN of innovation - Why is "Secondary Education" too late for STEM?

"4FUTURE Day" - Highlights


Video killed the radio-star: who will be left behind due to digital transformation?


YOUNG GAMECHANGERS - Ars Electronica, Da Vinci Lab

There is nothing to be obsessed about "online" - teaching a solid sense for the digital you

Become active: Find your balance with body, soul & your smartphone

The kids are online - how to minimize the risk of harm

The Impact of early choices - your future life in a digital world


Subject: digital ethics - parental guidance in times of change

Keynote speech - How to go your way in life

How to save our schools from lagging behind to leaping beyond

The future of education - prospects through digital skills for the next generation

Sum-Up Speech Richard David Precht

Start-up Live - Start-up Open Mic (2)


Keynote speech - Bold innovation: you & your business

Keynote speech Tabitha Gold dust

Keynote speech Ramshanker Krishnan

Keynote speech Maanasa Mendu

Keynote speech Jay Tuck

Keynote speech Hermann Hauser

Keynote speech Aric Dromi

Keynote Speech Alex Tapscott

Keynote speech - Framing and Social Media

Keynote Speech - 5 Characteristics of a Gamechanger

Cabaret "Future"

Interview Niki Lauda

The 4TEAM Award goes to...

The 4STARTUPS Award goes to...

The 4MUSIC Award goes to...

The 4Gamechanger of the year award goes to...

The 4FUTURE Award goes to...

Conda - Start-Up Open Mic

Federal Chancellor Sebastian Kurz at the 4GAMECHANGERS Festival

Interview with Anna Gasser

5 MIN of Innovation Siegfried Meryn

5 MIN of Innovation Christoph Sauermann

5 MIN of innovation - Solutions for an electrified world

4GAMECHANGERS - Start-up Open Mic - Part 4

4GAMECHANGERS - Start-up Open Mic - Part 3

10 MIN of innovation: The future of content: storytelling remains queen, but the channels may change

10 MIN of Innovation Wilfried Weitgasser

10 MIN of Innovation - 2025 - The Future of News Media

10 MIN of Innovation & Sum-up

"4GAMECHANGERS Day" - Highlights

Code or creativity: AI and Humans at work - who is the boss?


The future of moving: does e-mobility bring us everywhere or nowhere? Autonomous driving: safety lane or dangerzone?

The future of sex: love in times of the robot

iRobot or our Robots: Will AI kill us all or make us immortal?

Disrupt the disruptors: How Europe must challenge the silicon valley giants

Convenience vs. privacy: how we sell out our power to facebook & others

Democracy 0.0: how social media endangers journalism and hacks democracy?

4GAMECHANGERS TV - directly from the 4GAMECHANGERS Festival 2018!

Start-up Live - Start-up Open Mic

SevenVentures Pitch Session #3

SevenVentures Pitch Session #2

SevenVentures Pitch Session #1

Primecrowd - Start-up Open Mic

One-on-one with Sophia Robot

Keynote speech Shermin Voshmgir

Keynote speech Peter Bosek

Keynote speech Daniel Mattes & Andrea Gaal

Keynote Markus Breitenecker & Thomas Schaufler

Keynote Gerald Hörhan

F*CK UP speech - Hubris & Read -The dark side of our awesome startup life

7 MIN for SevenVentures

5 MIN of Innovation: Reggie Bradford

5 MIN of Innovation: Christoph Mandl

5 MIN of Innovation: Christian Pirkner

5 MIN of innovation - Radical corporate innovation & the future of the construction industry

5 MIN of innovation - Platformaniacs

4GAMECHANGERS - Start-up Open Mic - Part 2

4GAMECHANGERS - Start-up Open Mic

10 MIN of Innovation: Paul Schif & Felix Gottwald

10 MIN of innovation: Michael Scherz

10 MIN of Innovation: Matthias Neeff

#Glaubandich Challenge

"4STARTUPS Day" - Highlights

SevenVentures Pitch Session #4

Final Pitch Sessions

Next big thing: Austria's forthcoming hotshots

4Minutes4Future: f*ck reality - entrepreneurship against all odds (2)

10 MIN of Innovation: Raph Simon

4Minutes4Future: f*ck reality - entrepreneurship against all odds (1)

Battleground national economy vs. digital reality - will it be an epic fight or a liberating relief?

Natural born austrians bureaucracy: preserving the good or delaying the better

Fast & furious: racing for money in a disrupted financial sector

Blockchain unchained - decentralized networks tearing down established market players

Open your eyes - look ahead - and then click!

The "4STARTUPS" tag


The "4FUTURE" day

The 2018 4GAMECHANGERS Festival

Standing ovations for Corinna Milborn

Sebastian Kurz at the 4GAMECHANGER Festival

Markus Breitenecker and Michael Stix about the "4GAMECHANGERS" day

Keynote Shermin Voshmgir / BlockchainHub

Keynote Neil Harbisson

Keynote Hikmet Ersek

Keynote Harald Hauser

Keynote Gerd Leonhard

Keynote Forest Whitaker

Keynote David Wilkinson / Cambridge Analytica

Keynote speech by Felix Krause


The 4WEBSTARS Award 2017 goes to...

The 4STARTUPS Award 2017 goes to...

The 4MUSIC Award 2017 goes to...

The 4GAMECHANGER Award 2017 goes to...

That was 4GAMECHANGERS Day 2017

acceptance speech: Forest Whitaker

Christian Kern at the 4GAMECHANGER Festival

Breitenecker opens award show

Alexander Van der Bellen at the 4GAMECHANGER Festival


15 minutes of innovation: P&G

15 minutes of innovation: MOBIDROME

Zissa Grabner in 4Talk

Zhengliang Wu in 4Talk

Zac Bookman on 4Talk

Tubolito in pitch

Tiffany Pham in 4Talk

Thomas Schaufler in 4Talk

Thomas Miksits in 4Talk

Rainer Schönfelder in 4Talk

Pitch Final - Announcement Finalist

Paula Schwarz in 4Talk

Papis Loveday in 4Talk

Neil Harbisson in 4Talk

Monika Langthaler in 4Talk

Mike Zuckerman on 4Talk

Michael Grabner in 4Talk

Michael Dockal in 4Talk

Michael Anderson on 4Talk

Maximilian Rofagha in 4Talk

Martin Gaedt in 4Talk

Markus Kreisel in 4Talk

Markus Hengstschläger in 4Talk

Marie Ringler in 4Talk

Marcus Grausam in 4Talk

Jakob Schillinger in 4Talk

Ingrid Brodnig in 4Talk

Hubert Neuper in 4Talk

Gerd Leonhard in 4Talk (2)

Gerd Leonhard in 4Talk (1)

Forest Whitaker in 4Talk

Florian Gschwandtner in 4Talk (2)

Florian Gschwandtner in 4Talk (1)

Felix Valmont in 4Talk

Fanta 4 in Talk

Dr. Michael Stix in 4Talk

Damian Izdebski in 4Talk

Corinna Milborn in 4Talk

Andreas Weinberger in 4Talk

Ali Rahimi in 4Talk

Alfred Karl in 4Talk

Waytation in pitch

ready2order in pitch

myClubs in pitch

Keynote Tiffany Pham / Mogul women's network

Keynote Thimo Valentin Schmitt-Lord / The Beauty of Impact

Keynote Peter Bosek / Erste Group

Keynote Mike Zuckerman / Free Space

Keynote Michael Anderson / Soul Centered Leadership

Keynote Martin Pansy

Keynote Martin Gaedt / martingaedt.de

Keynote Jörg Gerbig / takeaway.com

Keynote speech Florian Gschwandtner / www.runtastic.com

Helperline in pitch

Goodbag in pitch

Fuck-Up Speech Damian Izdebski / techbold

Final: Tubolito in pitch

Final: Helper line in the pitch

Cashpresso in pitch

Breitenecker demands Mahrer

Bikemap in Pitch


Adscanner in pitch

VictoriaSarina celebrate the 71CON

Small talk with JANAklar

Rewinside gamed the 71CON

The Prank-Bros KSFreakWhatElse & KrappiWhatElse

Interview with ConCrafter

AQUAMARIN goes among the musicians

Why do we still need banks?

Wilfried Weitgasser - His career

Wilfried Weitgasser - His success

Wilfried Weitgasser - The Gamechanger

That woman makes all machos shake.

Michael Ostrowski - His career

Michael Ostrowski - His success

Michael Ostrowski - The Gamechanger

Michael Altrichter - His career

Michael Altrichter - His success

Michael Altrichter - The Gamechanger

Leo Hillinger - His career

video poster

Leo Hillinger - His success

video poster

Leo Hillinger - The Gamechanger

video poster

Artificial Intelligence at the 4GAMECHANGER Festival

video poster

Hermann Hauser - His career

video poster

Hermann Hauser - His success

video poster

Hermann Hauser - The Gamechanger

video poster

Eveline Steinberger-Kern - Your career

video poster

Eveline Steinberger-Kern - Your success

video poster

Eveline Steinberger-Core - A Gamechanger

video poster

The musical highlights at the 4GAMECHANGER Festival


Part 3 of his success story
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