4community invites game-changing personalities to share their thoughts about the coronavirus crisis and the global situation with the entire 4Gamechangers Community. We want to inform, entertain, promote outside-the-box thinking, make people smile and – above all – help spread positive energy around the world.

Dive in – we wish you both fun and food for thought with the short videos, and we thank the game-changers who took the time to share with the 4GAMECHANGER community!


Michael Wagenthaler


Michael Wagenthaler about the corona-induced home office, how he and his colleagues mastered the situation.

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Henry Dobson

Founding Institute of Technological Ethics

In his message Henry Dobson gives us some insights to his thoughts about the ethical aspects of the Corona crisis.

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Tobias Schweiger

Account Manager // Epamedia

Tobias Schweiger took us into his home office everyday life.

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Carla Johnson

Bestselling Author

Carla Johnson always works from home, so it wasn't a big change for her. The challenge, however, is that her whole family is now at home and doing home office or home schooling.

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Monika Hauck

Chair of Entrepreneurship // WHU Otto Beisheim School of Management

Monika Hauck tells us which film we absolutely must see in her opinion, which hopes and wishes she has got in regard to learning from the current corona crisis...

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Lukas Berger

Managing Director 1000 things

Lukas Berger tells us how the Corona crisis affected his everyday work and how he has reorganised his free time.

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