Zakk Lee - Businessman, Game business specialist, Backyard car builder


Zakk Lee

Businessman, Game business specialist, Backyard car builder // ManiaMind

Working in game industry about 10 years. Worked as global business team mostly and worked for educational application development project. My very early background was programmer. I started programming work but soon I feel more interesting in business area so I started my main career as business team member in Korea. I travelled most of global game shows. So from that experience, I learn a lot of different view and mind that looking at game. I experience many different types of game business area which is from middleware or tools to proper game titles and also educational application with game technology. All my experience makes me keep challenging new things all the time.

ManiaMind established 2013 that aimed new type of game for ordinary game industry. Since ManiaMind started researching VR project, we also put all of our creative game development knowledge and idea for our VR project. Now we are one of leading VR training solution developer in South Korea which based on game technology. We are working for future and we believe it will change our future.


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