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Sandra Bascha

Head of Communication Austria // NEW WORK SE

Since 2018, Sandra Bascha has been the Senior Corporate Communications Manager in charge of communications in Austria at the Vienna office of NEW WORK SE, which is also the operating company of the professional network XING, among other things. The communications scientist is also a trained coach and has many years of experience in corporate and brand communications.

NEW WORK SE is committed to a more fulfilling working world with its brands, services and products. Founded as the professional network openBC, the company was renamed XING in 2006 and NEW WORK SE in 2019. This means that the company's name also reflects its firm commitment to a better world of work - New Work is the visible bracket of all the company's activities. The listed NEW WORK SE acts as a central management and control holding company and service department for the subsidiaries. The company employs around 1,900 people at its locations in Hamburg, Vienna, Munich and Porto. Further information at and



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