Romy Sigl

Ms Coworking, Feminist, Author & Speaker, Parentpreneur // Coworking Salzburg

Miss Coworking, Romy Sigl is founder of Coworking Salzburg, one of the first coworking spaces in a small market city. With her coworkers she developed numerous regional and international coworking related activities such as Coworking Camps, Cowork&Baby, Robothon SalzburgStartup Salzburgfair, MATCHINGthe book, DO WHAT YOU LOVE coworking guide and the´livesteam show called “the GOOD NEWS Wochenschau” Romy is a YTILI fellow, she was part of the Young Transatlantic Innovation Leadership Initiative during the Obama administration in 2016. She was honoured by the Austrian Economic Chambers with the „Game Changer Award” in 2017. Since 2017 Ms Coworking is happy to call herself a Parentpreneur.


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