Réka Artner

Program Director // Pioneers.io

Réka is the Program Director of Pioneers – giving a voice and stage to the visionaries and pioneers shaping our world. She believes in the power of technology being able to create positive change. Just like superheroes, Réka also has a second identity. She is the Curator of TEDxVienna, leading a team of 70 amazing individuals and scouting great ideas from around the globe. Next, to her seven years of TEDx experience, she has facilitated several ideation workshops to help people identify and develop their ideas. She is a speaker coach, hosts workshops on organizational development and moderates inspiring events and conferences in the innovation field. Founded in 2009, Pioneers enables direct and meaningful business relationships between startups, executives and investors to drive growth and innovation and digital transformation.Our flagship event takes place annually in the 500-year-old Hofburg Imperial Palace and brings together a community of 2,500 founders, investors, executives and public sector representatives from over 100 nations. Of all future tech events globally, Pioneers has unparalleled access to European tech leaders.


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