Moritz Putzhammer – Co-Founder & CEO Trality , Lecturer at WU Vienna


Moritz Putzhammer

Co-Founder & CEO , Lecturer at WU Vienna // Trality

Moritz is co-founder and CEO of Trality, a platform enabling traders of digital assets with limited experience or time to benefit from the powers of algorithmic trading. Combining a state-of-the-art bot creation module with a newly developed technology called “Bot Mirror Trading”, Trality enables experts and leisure traders to profit from trading bots individually, while also benefiting from each other. Moritz is passionate about crypto, loves everything digital and is driven by data. He hence co-founded Trality in order to bring algorithmic trading into the mainstream. He holds a Ph.D. from WU Vienna and displays broad professional experience in strategy, finance, project management and research. He is fluent in German, English, Spanish as well as Python and R.

Trality is a platform enabling leisure traders of digital assets to benefit from the powers of algorithmic trading. So far, the use of trading bots has been reserved for a handful of experts because algorithmic trading is complex and time-consuming. Employing Bot Mirror Trading, Trality changes this. Specifically, Trality lets leisure traders rent the most advanced trading bots, which have previously been developed by algorithmic trading experts in a state-of-the-art Bot Creation Module.


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