Michaela Krömer

Attorney-at-law, Climate Crisis Litigator // Rechtsanwaltskanzlei Krömer

Michaela Krömer is an attorney-at-law at the law firm Krömer. Her mission as an attorney is to contribute to system change by way of strategic litigation. In particular in the realm of the climate crisis. She is the attorney of the Austrian “Klimaklage” and recently filed the third climate crisis case with the European Court of Human Rights supported by Fridays for Future. She also co-drafted a proposal for a new climate change law on behalf of the Austrian “Klimavolksbegehren" and investigates the possibilities of introducing rights of nature to the Austrian and European legal system. Besides this, she is also active in the field of migration, currently fighting for access to the labour market for asylum seekers. Generally, she is interested in exploring what answer law can and should provide to the existential issues of our time.

The firm Kroemer is a boutique law firm run by Michaela and her father. The firm specialises in administrative law, corporate law and constitutional law with a strong focus on environmental and human rights cases.



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